Quarter Connection Convention 2009

The Garden Tub Maidens

Champagne and Truffles
A glass of champagne, truffles and a spa!!

Group Shot!
Group shot of all Garden Tub Maidens

Name Picture
Ann Bramlet
Janet Frisz
Janet Smith
Jodi Eklund
Luci Hanson
Mary Adams
Pat Frost
Paula Isaacs
Sandi Shalometh
Sharon Partridge

We each made a gift to give to everyone else, and another that just went to one person
Name Smaller Exchange Made Larger Exchange Made Who got larger gift
Ann Bramlet
Janet Frisz Mary Adams
Janet Smith
Jodi Eklund Pat Frost
Luci Hanson Paula Isaacs
Mary Adams
Pat Frost Janet Smith
Paula Isaacs Luci Hanson
Sandi Shalometh Jodi Eklund
Sharon Partridge


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